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We like to be as transparent as possible with our charges. Please see below for the most enquired about services.

All pricing is GST inclusive.

Individual Tax Returns (see below)

Business Accounting

In addition to the above, we also offer a fixed fee pricing arrangement for businesses, depending on the type of business and the scope of services required.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to small business so it can be
difficult to provide a cost estimate without first understanding a bit more about what you do and how you maintain your records.

For more detail on pricing, please contact us to arrange a time to discuss your individual requirements.

  • Standard Tax Returns

    Standard Tax Returns are those that involve payment summary/s from employers and work-related expenses <$2,000) Standard tax returns do not involve business income, investment properties, capital gains tax calculations or foreign income. This standard fee allows for time of 30mins. If your appointment (or any time spent before or after your meeting) exceeds 30 mins, you will be charged hourly from that point on at a rate of $150/half hour. For e.g. if your appointment is 45min long, you will be charged $225 ($150 + $75). Standard tax returns involving extensive work-related deductions (such as self-education or travel expenses) greater than $2000 will be charged based on time and/or complexity. In many cases, preparation of such returns will require us to draw on specialist skill, knowledge and experience and we will charge accordingly on a value-add basis. Your total fee may be deducted from your tax refund (Fee From Refund FFR) if you so choose, except in the case where you have an existing ATO, Child Support or Centrelink Debt. We reserve the right to decide to accept or refuse a FFR arrangement.

    From 150
  • Standard Tax Returns with One Investment Property

    An additional $110.00 will apply for each additional property after the first.

  • Business Tax Returns

    Sole Traders, Partnerships, Companies and Trusts are charged on a per hour basis, where the final charge will depend on time and complexity. Please contact us for a tailored quote.

  • Advisory/Consultation

    All advisory and consultation sessions, whether for businesses or individuals, are also charged on a per hour basis, at $300 per hour.



Our resources are here to conveniently help you with some of your common tax & accounting concerns.

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